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Review of TabProxy: Trusted Proxies for Dolphin Anty

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/High speed, accessibility, reliability and a wide range of geo locations make a perfect proxy for SMM, SEO, tourism, e-commerce, brand protection, market research, ad verification, web-scraping and crawling, retrieving travel and hotel data. Extensive proxy pool is also important as global reach makes sure that you can virtually connect from anywhere, providing you with an unparalleled versatility for your online tasks. One more thing that can make a proxy provider even better is availability of different types of proxies for rent. Everything you need can be found at TabProxy — a trusted partner of Dolphin Anty with fully compatible proxies. 🤝


Advantages of the TabProxy

TabProxy offers its users a pool of 200+ million IP addresses across 195 countries. 🌎 Proxies from this provider have all the necessary characteristics that allow you to carry out your activities and not to think about how everything else works.

geo proxy

💰 Here you can find all the necessary types of proxies for reasonable pricing.

  • Rotating Residential Proxies: starting at $0.77/GB — perfect for users needing dynamic IPs. They have 99.8% request success rate, any location, region, or city and change of IP address on demand.
  • Static Residential Proxies: starting at $3/IP/week — ideal for consistent, long-term usage. They have 99% IP availability in any city or location and personal exclusive use.
  • Exclusive Datacenter Proxy: starting at $2.5/IP/week — offer dedicated resources for high-demand applications. They have the same advantages as static residential proxies.
  • Unlimited Residential Proxy: starting at $72/day — provide unlimited rotating residential proxy traffic with no restrictions on concurrency or bandwidth, plus a dedicated server and proxy pool.

Such a variety of pricing plans both for conventional use and enterprises gives you an opportunity to find a solution that exactly suits your needs.

price for tabproxy

🧑🏼‍💻 These plans differ only in traffic volume. All of them have unlimited concurrent sessions, country level targeting, 24/7 live human support. The dedicated account manager is available on all plans but the cheapest one.

TabProxy supports SOCKS5/HTTP/HTTPS which means higher security, better performance, fast and reliable connections. Besides that, TabProxy offers its users solutions for secret extraction and API extraction.

How to Use TabProxy

The whole process is easy and is done in several steps. Here is the detailed instruction. 👇

Registration in TabProxy

To register you have to visit the official TabProxy website and click «Sign Up» in the top right corner. Here you will be asked to input some of your personal data like email and password, solve an easy task and fill an invitational code in case you have one. Or you can sign on using yourGoogle or Microsoft account.

registration in tabproxy

TabProxy User Account

After registration you will find yourself in your personal user account. Here you can do all the proxy management. And there are several options.

🔗 «Get proxy» is a proxy generator where you can set all the parameters you need: region, state, city and ISP. Setting of Proxy Address, IP Mode (rotating or sticky) and Sub Users Creation are also available.

proxy generation

🏠 All the types of proxies have a separate section where you can see usage statistics and recharge traffic. All the necessary information like pricing and documentation is also located here.

Price for residential proxies

Once you have decided what type of proxy you need, you can pay for it with crypto currency, Ali Pay or choose some local payment.

proxy payment methods

When the transaction is completed, you will get access to proxies.

Adding Proxies to Dolphin Anty

TapProxy offers proxies that are fully compatible with Dolphin Anty. All you need to do is copy the proxy from your account and paste it into the browser. It is not difficult at all as Dolphin user interface is really friendly. Anyway, we have a small guide here. ☝️

Add a proxy to Dolphin anty

In the left bar choose «Proxies» (number 1 on the picture) and in the top right corner you will see a symbol “➕” — «Create Proxy». Click it and add your proxies from TabProxy in the opened window. There is an instruction with allowed proxy formats.

proxy formats

After that you have to click on two arrows to check proxies for validity. If everything is done right, you will see that the status has changed to «Active» and all the information about proxies updated. Now you can add them to your profiles on Dolphin Anty.


TabProxy offers different types of proxies that are fully compatible with Dolphin anty. All in all, Tabproxy is a powerful and easy-to-use Residential proxy service provider service that offers you high anonymity, security, speed and reliability.