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To reach the maximum number of users, digital specialists work with dozens and hundreds of accounts simultaneously. 

Below, we’ll tell you why you need multi-accounting on Instagram and how the Dolphin{anty} anti-detect browser will help you in your work. 

Why do you need multiple Instagram accounts 👸🏼

There are several reasons:

🔶 Running ads

Instagram is one of the biggest sources of traffic. For this reason, it is actively used by marketers, affiliates, and other digital professionals to promote products and services.

To do this, they can run ads on the site itself, send messages to users, leave comments, etc. Since users can complain about ad content or other users’ activities, digital professionals require a stock of accounts, so they don’t have to interrupt their work if they get blocked. 

🔶 Creating bots

By bots or fake accounts, we mean any accounts that imitate an ordinary user. Bots are used for: 

  • Increasing the popularity of a particular account: bots can like, comment, react to posts, etc.
  • Struggle with competitors. Fake accounts are used to publish negative reviews or to subscribe en masse to a particular user in order to further reduce the quality of his account. The fact is that Instagram penalizes users for faking likes and followers. Accordingly, if any user turns out to have a lot of activity from low-quality accounts, Instagram may reduce the user’s reach.
  • User and comment scam. Although Instagram actively bans fake accounts, there are still plenty of them on the social network. Despite the potential risk of reduced account quality, some users still boost subscribers and activities.
  • Data collection. So-called “technical accounts” are needed to collect user data — parsing the audience. This helps better understand the needs of the target users and form a portrait of the audience in order to set up advertising and offer relevant products and services in the future. 

🔶 Resale

Having created a network of accounts and gathered subscribers in them, these accounts can be resold to other users in the future. The cost of the accounts will depend on the quality and quantity of these accounts.

How to create multiple Instagram accounts

Bots can be created:

  • Manually. Bots are created manually if a user needs a few accounts, or they have to be as similar to a normal person as possible. The creation of such accounts is handled by individual digital specialists, farmers. Their task is to register and warm up the accounts in order to reduce the risk of bans.
  • With the help of software. Special programs are used to create many fake accounts automatically. In this case, usually the quality of the accounts is not high, while such accounts help to solve large-scale tasks: to parse the audience, fight with competitors, or boost activity.

To save time, some users prefer to buy accounts from private sellers or companies that specialize in creating accounts for different sites and social networks. The price of the accounts will depend on many parameters. For example:

  • the length of existence and the amount of activities in the account,
  • the quantity of contact information,
  • quality and quantity of subscriptions and subscribers, 


How to work with the database of accounts

If accounts were purchased, you need to gain activity from the device and browser from which you plan to work. To do this:

  1. Before you sign in to your account, clear your browser history. All major sites and social networks analyze your online activity history. If your actions might violate the website’s rules, make sure your browser history does not contain pages or requests related to those violations. 
  2. Create a new activity history. Visit various sites that are not in any way related to rule violations, banned topics or your other accounts. You can check for it by using the Facebook Pixel Helper

How to work with the accounts depends on what tasks you need them for. 

For example, users can link bots with each other: they subscribe to each other, respond to posts and stories, leave comments, etc. In this way, the accounts, on the one hand, accumulate a history of activity and increase the level of trust from the website’s algorithms, and, on the other hand, mimic the behavior of regular users as much as possible. 

At the same time, if the quality of fake accounts is low or their behavior is detrimental to real users, the entire network of linked accounts can be blocked. 

Regardless of the task, multi-accounting will require an anti-detect browser in any case. 

Why use an anti-detect browser 👩🏼‍💻

Anti-detect browsers are programs that change users’ digital fingerprints by using such browsers, you can:

  • work with accounts from different countries from the same device, 
  • bypass limits on the number of accounts,
  • work with hundreds of accounts from one device at a time. 

Anti-detect browsers look like usual browsers, with the only difference that in separate profiles you can set your fingerprint to work with accounts of the same site in neighboring tabs. Check out how it looks in a separate article

That said, all top anti-detect browsers have additional features that help speed up and automate the work.   

How to easily manage hundreds of accounts with Dolphin{anty}

Dolphin{anty} has many additional features that help simplify and automate your work:

🔶 Profile automation

In Dolphin{anty} you can automate typical actions: viewing profiles, likes, collecting data and so on. To do this you need to launch the browser with DevTools Protocol enabled and use Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium. The link has instructions on how to do it. 

The Dolphin{anty} anti-detect browser has an open API, so you can plug your own programs into the browser. 

🔶 Tags for profiles

For each browser profile, you can select:

  • Profile type: Facebook, Google, TikTok, or Crypto. This will help sort your profiles by the categories of sites you work with. If none of these types fit, you can choose “none”;
  • Statuses.
  • Tags.

🔶 Auto-install extensions for all profiles

In Dolphin{anty} you can download extensions from the store or directly from your computer. Extensions can then be automatically installed for all profiles at once or for a specific type of profile: Google, TikTok, Facebook, or Crypto. 

🔶 Quickly add and update proxies

In the anti-detect browser, you can save all the proxies you use, so you can add them to your accounts faster. Moreover, if you use mobile proxies, you can add a link to update your IP address directly from the anti-detect browsers interface. 

🔶 Bypassing account limits 

Unlike many social networks, which have a rule of no more than 1 account per phone number, on Instagram a user can create up to 5 accounts per phone number. In this case, if you try to create more profiles from the same device, even with different numbers, the social network algorithms will understand that the same person is trying to do this.

In order to circumvent this restriction, it is sufficient to create accounts and work with them via Dolphin{anty}. Anti-detect will automatically pick the best digital fingerprint to work with in order to protect your real data. 

✅ You can test Dolphin{anty} anti-detect browser during a free plan with a limit of 10 browser profiles!