Why Dolphin Anty is Better than Multilogin?

Blog » Why Dolphin Anty is Better than Multilogin?

Which anti-detect browser is the best? The answer is simple: Dolphin Anty has been ranked first in various anti-detect browser ratings for two years in a row. But if you have a closer look at Multilogin, for example, the reviews will also be good. It is used not only by affiliates and crypto enthusiasts, but also by other specialists.

Why can Multilogin be suspicious? It can’t. Its anonymity level is quite good and it is considered to be a good antidetect among the members of the professional community.

However, a good antidetect browser for affiliate marketing, crypto and other tasks is not only about anonymity. This includes usability, workspace organization, automation of repeating activities as well as a bunch of other options that are important in areas where antidetect is used. And if we compare two browsers from this point of view, Multilogin will lose.

Let’s have a closer look at why Dolphin Anty is better than Multilogin.

Multilogin Antidetect Browser: Short Review

Multilogin is a good anti-detect created by its developers in Estonia. Like many software solutions from Europe, it does its job well. Fingerprints look natural after spoofing and do not arouse suspicion, and that’s why it is still relatively popular among users.

💻 Available on: Windows, MacOs, Linux.

🇬🇧 Language: Russian, English, Chinese, Portuguese, Vietnamese.

🔗 Website: multilogin.com

💰 Tariff plans: from €99 per month.

🏁 Trial: 2-day trial on request or 14-day refund guarantee.

The registration process consists of two stages: first you need to download the browser and create an account right in the browser, and then register on the site to receive a trial. Difficulties begin from the very beginning of use. This process discourages many who want to get acquainted with this tool.

Dolphin Anty: Short Review

Anti-detect browser Dolphin Anty is a solution developed by the Dolphin team. The browser itself helps not only to remain complete anonymity on the Internet, but also offers many useful functions for workspace organization. Dolphin Anty has almost all the features available in the Multilogin. Besides that, browser from Dolphin provides many unique and extremely effective functions.

💻 Available on: Windows, MacOs, MacOs (M), Linux.

🇬🇧 Language: Russian, English.

🔗 Website: dolphin-anty.com

💰 Tariff plans: from $0.

🏁 Trial: free up to 10 profiles.

Registration is extremely simple. After creating an account, you will find yourself in your personal account, where you can download the installation file. After that you can generate a token, set up two-factor authentication 2faFA and select a plan.

So, why has Dolphin Anty become a user favorite and how is it superior to Multilogin? Let’s figure it out.

Interface and Profiles

Let’s start with the very beginning: with the list of browser profiles.

In Multilogin you cannot adjust the width of columns, add the necessary ones and remove the ones you don’t need. And there are very few columns: profile name, status, change time and start button, which affects productivity at work.

Interface multilogin Antidetect Browser

🔥 Dolphin Anty has more columns with useful information and a much more flexible interface. You can customize your workspace in a way you want. For example, the browser allows you to add or remove specific columns, as well as narrow or expand them.

setting up the Antidetect Browser Dolphin Anty interface

Profiles Sorting

In Multilogin profiles can only be distributed into groups. Moreover, at the stage of creating a profile, it can only be placed in existing groups – a new group cannot be created in parallel with a new profile. In all other cases the profile goes to “Unassigned” It’s comfortable.

Multilogin Antidetect Browser Profiles Sorting

🔥 Dolphin Anty has statuses, tags and notes for sorting.

They help not only to group and filter profiles, but also to easily navigate the status of your account. For example, if you need to top up your payment on your advertising account in the coming days. Just write a note and highlight it in red with an exclamation mark.

Antidetect Browser Profiles Sorting

There is a list of tags in the upper left corner. By clicking on one of them, you will get a list of profiles to which this tag is attached.

By the way, Multilogin has only two types of profile icons, while Dolphin Anty has more of them, which will also allow you to recognize your profile at first glance. 👍🏻

Profiles Sorting Antidetect Browser

Filtration and Search

You rarely have to work with all profiles – usually it is enough to filter only some of them and hide the rest.

In Multilogin all filtration comes down to selecting a profile by name. There are no other filters.

🔥 Dolphin Anty has a convenient and extensive filtration system. You can select profiles not only by tags, but also by status, users, main sites and proxies.

Filtration and Search Antidetect Browser

Profile Creation

Creating profiles is similar in both browsers, but there are a few important points.

There is no “Main sites” selection menu in the Indigo antidetect browser. This means that there are no options for automatic adding useful tabs, extensions and start pages. Setting up fingerprints takes place in several tabs. This is inconvenient and difficult for rookies.

Profile Creation Antidetect Browser

🔥 In Dolphin Anty, when you create a profile, you can assign it a “Main site”. This helps to automatically configure a profile for a specific site, adding start pages, extensions, bookmarks and also makes searching and filtering more convenient.

Profile Creation Antidetect Browser

Actions with Profiles

In Multilogin, after creating a profile, you can edit, clone, delete and also perform a modest range of actions with it;

  • Import and export cookies;
  • Launch cookie robot;
  • Move to a group.

Actions with Profiles Antidetect Browser

🔥 In Dolphin Anty you can do all the same actions with a profile plus:

  • Show accesses of other team members and transfer the profile;
  • Run the automatic action script;
  • Pin to top.

Actions with Profiles Antidetect Browser

Mass Actions

In Multilogin, the only available mass actions with profiles are:

  • Delete;
  • Move to group;
  • Export cookies.

Mass Actions Antidetect Browser

🔥 The same actions are available in Dolphin Anty plus:

  • Run script;
  • Transfer profiles;
  • Change tags;
  • Change proxy;
  • Launch profiles;
  • Run via Synchronizer.

Mass actions Antidetect Browser Dolphin anty

The functionality of mass actions in Dolphin Anty is much more extensive, which allows you to manage a large number of accounts in a more effective way.

Copying Profiles

In Multilogin profiles can simply be copied in any quantity. In this case the browser fingerprint for all copies will be the same and will most likely have to be spoofed manually.

Copying Profiles Antidetect Browser

🔥 In Dolphin Anty, you can not only copy a profile, but also randomize the fingerprints in each copy. If you need to keep the same fingerprint, simply turn off the corresponding switch.

Copy profile Antidetect Browser

Work with Proxies

In Multilogin proxies can only be added at the time of creating profiles. There is no proxy manager. When you create a new profile, you have to manually re-enter the connection data: name, password, host and port.

🔥 Dolphin Anty has a separate functionality for proxy management, which makes your work much easier. It allows you to add a new proxy in both single and mass formats, see the status and detailed information down to the number of profiles that use them.

Work with Proxies Antidetect Browser

Here you can also check connection and share access with a team member.

Bookmarks, extensions and start pages

You can only add a start page to your Multilogin browser profile at the creation or editing stage.

🔥 Dolphin Anty has sections for managing bookmarks, extensions and start pages. They are linked to the main site, so they are automatically added to the browser when you select a profile type.

Bookmarks, extensions and start pages Antidetect Browser

Automation via API

Multilogin provides standard API automation using Selenium and Puppeteer tools. Moreover, it can be found only on the most expensive plan for 399 euros per month.

Dolphin Anty offers API access even within the free plan. Dolphin, in addition to Selenium Puppeteer, supports more modern automation using Playwright, which is faster and more accurate.

Antidetect Browser Automation via API

Playwright is an analogue of Puppeteer, but better. Developed by Microsoft and has a similar functions and syntax.

What Multilogin Lacks? 😉

The Indigo browser lacks many tools for effective work that can help you reduce your work time and get things done faster. Without them the browser cannot be a full-fledged tool for solving problems of affiliate marketing, crypto, e-commerce, betting and other niches.

Scenarios 💥

These are consequences of actions that the browser performs automatically without your participation. Essentially built-in automation that requires no programming skills.

Scenarios Antidetect Browser

Thanks to scenarios, you can automate the farming of accounts, their warming up, the collection of views and reputations as well as other routine actions that take a lot of time.

Synchronizer 💥

Using this function you can launch several browser profiles and synchronize what you do in them. Synchronization is that when you do something in one window, the same action is repeated in all others, be it a click, scrolling a page, printing text, etc. etc.

The function is very useful for those actions that cannot be automated. For example, when you enter a unique text, clicking on moving elements, extracting text or graphic information.

Synchronizer Antidetect Browser

Trash Bin 💥

After deletion, all profiles are sent to the trash bin and stored there for two days. This is a useful thing if you deleted your profile, but then for some reason it turned out to be needed.

Trash Bin Antidetect Browser

IP Proxy Rotation 💥

To change the dynamic IP in Dolphin Anty, you just need to click on the corresponding button right in the Profiles section.

Change ip in Dolphin Anty

Profile Transfer 💥

In Dolphin Anty, profiles can be transferred not only to team members, but also to other browser users, together with a proxy. This is done in a very simple and quick way: you only need to indicate the email from the recipient’s account.

Transger profile Antidetect Browser

Integration with Facebook Multitool 💥

On the Multilogin website in your personal account, there is a section of the “FB Tool”, but there is no direct integration in the browser with it.

In Dolphin Anty you can get a token for integration with Dolphin Cloud, a cloud-based tool for automating Facebook ADS.

Antidetect Browser Integration with Facebook Multitool

Statuses 💥

These are special notes that allow you to quickly understand the state of your account within your profile. When assigning statuses, you can use different colors and custom text, which makes it easier to navigate in a large list.

Statuses Antidetect Browser

Bookmark and Extension Manager 💥

Here you can add bookmarks and browser extensions by assigning them to specific sites. They will then be added to the profile automatically when you select the profile site type.

Bookmark and Extension Manager Antidetect Browser


Multilogin plans: 👇

Tariffs Multilogin Antidetect Browser

Dolphin Anty plans: 👇

Tariffs Dolphin Anty Antidetect Browser

In fact, prices differ significantly. ☝️

Firstly, Dolphin Anty has a full-fledged free plan, which Multilogin does not have. The free plan has many antidetect features available and, most importantly, it is not limited in time.

Multilogin can offer you a two-day trial if you ask support service. Then you will have to purchase a paid version. Secondly, the Multilogin plans with the same conditions are noticeably more expensive. Moreover, prices are indicated in euros.

Final Comparison

Let’s summarize the entire review of these two antidetect browsers: Multilogin and Dolphin Anty into one table.


Dolphin Anty

Registration ⚠️ You have to register two separate accounts for the web and desktop version ✅Either on the website or software. One account fits both.
Configuration of columns and their width ❌ Not available ✅ You can add and delete columns, adjust their width
Profile filtration ⚠️ By groups ✅  Statuses, tags, proxies, main sites and users
Pinning of profiles on the top ❌ Not available ✅  Available
Creation and configuration of profiles ⚠️ On different tabs. You can add start pages. You cannot set main site and ports for blocking ✅  In one window which is very convenient. You can choose a main site which will get start pages, bookmarks and extensions automatically.
Actions with profiles ⚠️ You can edit, copy, delete, import and export cookies, launch cookie-robot, move to a group. ✅  Edit, copy, delete, import and export cookies, start a cookie-robot, show access rights of other team members, transfer a profile, launch a scenario of automated actions, pin to top.
Mass actions with profiles ⚠️ Delete and export cookies. ✅  Delete, export cookies, launch a scenario, transfer a profile, change tags, proxy, start a profile, start via Synchronizer
Copying of profiles ❌ Without fingerprint randomization ✅  You can turn on and off fingerprint randomization
Transfer of profiles ❌ Not available ✅  You can choose necessary profiles and transfer them to a team member or any other browser user.
Proxies ⚠️ Added to profile when it is created manually ✅  Available in Proxy Manager. Can be added to any profile.
IP change in one click ❌ Not available ✅  Available
Bookmarks, extensions Not available ✅  Available in the special tab. Can be added to any profile.
Automation via API ⚠️ Standard via Selenium and Puppeteer. Available on the most expensive plan. ✅  Besides standard Selenium and Puppeteer you can use a more advanced Playwright. Available on free plan.
Scenarios for automated actions ❌ Not available ✅  Available
Synchronizer ❌ Not available ✅  Available
Trash bin for deleted profiles ❌ Not available ✅  Available
Integration with ads automator on Facebook ❌ Not available ✅  Available
Profile statuses ❌ Not available ✅  Available
Bookmark manager ❌ Not available ✅  Available
Full free plan ❌ Not available ✅  Available

Concluding Thoughts and Reviews 🤔

Modern anti-detect browser must be able to not only perform its basic function well, but also provide many other functions and options to solve user problems. Antidetect Multilogin was truly a breakthrough tool once, but now it is far behind its competitors in terms of functionality, convenience and price. Although the Multilogin browser still has good reviews, Dolphin Anty receives more user favorites.

And here are some ratings from Dolphin Anty users:

Reviews Dolphin Anty Antidetect Browser

🏆 Dolphin anty was also awarded the best anti-detection browser award according to the Affiliate Space Awards from the Conversion Club. Which cannot but testify to his achievements.

best anti-detect browser

And the number of satisfied customers is only growing as well as the number of useful new products that Dolphin Anty regularly introduces. Do you want to try the advanced functions in the world of antidetects? Go to the website, download the installer and try Dolphin Anty in action. A free plan for 10 profiles is waiting for you! 😉