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Not so long ago we talked about how to set up mobile proxies in our browser. Now let’s talk more about what mobile proxies are, why they are so popular, compare them with other types of proxies and see if it is possible to make them yourself using a mobile phone.

How come mobile proxies are so popular?

Mobile proxies are the most popular proxies among affiliates, webmasters and scrapers. They owe their popularity to the fact that there aren’t too many mobile IP addresses – not nearly as many as online users, meaning that multiple people are always using a single IP address at any given moment.

When an affiliate starts working via a mobile IP address, they manage to blend in with a large number of regular users, preventing websites from banning their mobile IP, lest they want to punish innocent users as well. 

Comparison of mobile with other types of proxies

For starters, let’s go over the existing types of proxies to make comparing them and identifying their pros and cons simpler.

Residential proxies – what are they?

Using residential proxies means working via a home Wi-Fi provider. In other words, when you purchase residential proxies, you get a real home Internet provider’s external IP address in whatever country you’ve selected.  

How does the IP address change mechanism work for residential proxies?

You change a residential proxy’s IP address by disconnecting from one Internet source (a PC) and connecting to another (another computer). Different computers have different IP addresses, meaning your residential proxy’s IP address will also change each time.  


Residential proxies are usually sold under a pay-per-traffic volume model. Each 1 Gb of traffic will cost you $10-15. So, for example, when loading Facebook’s traffic page, which contains text, videos and pictures, you will pay for each loaded picture and video file.

Speed of residential proxies

The speed of residential proxies depends on the Internet speed of the computer you’ve connected to via the proxy. The speed also depends on the provider of the residential proxy. Each seller of residential proxies has their own infrastructure, their own technical solutions, which results in different speed losses as the traffic travels from the Internet source-computer to your own PC you’re launching the proxy on.  

In different countries, different providers will have completely different speed values. In practice, you can often run into speeds that are too low or medium at best. Contact your service provider if you are not satisfied with the speed, and also try changing the IP address, as there is a chance that the speed will be better when you connect to a different Internet source.

Quality of residential proxies

Since residential proxies share the external IP address of the home Internet provider, when you visit a website, it will appear as if a regular user has accessed this website from their home or office. This is the highest quality solution available for your objectives. 

Mobile proxies – what are they?

Using mobile proxies means working with proxies using mobile Internet. There are 2 ways mobile proxies are made: via USB modems and via Android smartphones. Mobile proxy providers have entire farms using USB modems or Android smartphones and manage them: pay for SIM cards, monitor uptime, and provide technical support.

In simple terms, when working through mobile proxies, you visit websites using the mobile Internet of an Android smartphone or a USB modem. 

Later in the article we’ll go over a way to launch mobile proxies using an Android phone, since that’s the easiest way to do it, one anyone can handle.

How does the IP address change mechanism work for mobile proxies?

Changing the IP address of mobile proxies is done by rebooting the USB modem (switching it off and on) or by toggling Airplane mode on an Android smartphone. You can make an experiment with your phone (it can even be an iPhone). Check your IP address, go into Airplane mode and then check again. You’ll be assigned a new IP address. This is the centerpiece of the strategy of any mobile proxy provider.


The cost of mobile proxies depends on the cost of mobile Internet in a particular country. Mobile operators from different countries charge different amounts for their services. You can often find unlimited tariff plans, which enables providers to offer mobile proxies with unlimited traffic. This is a much more lucrative option compared to residential proxies.

Speed of mobile proxies

The speed depends on the Internet speed of the USB modem or Android smartphone. The speed is usually excellent and exceeds 10-15 Mbps.

Quality of mobile proxies

As mentioned above, when working through a mobile IP address, the webmaster blends in with ordinary people. This means that as far as websites are concerned, mobile proxies are identical to residential ones, making them a quality solution for your work activities.

Data center (Server) proxies – what are they?

Using server proxies means working through data center servers. In this case, the ISP (Internet service provider) is the Data center, something the website you visit will immediately discern.

How does the IP address change mechanism work for server proxies?

Server proxies do not engage in IP address changes.


The price for 1 server proxy from almost any country costs only $5-10 per month. Moreover, there’s no traffic limit, which is an undisputed advantage of this proxy type. 

Speed of server proxies

The speed of server proxies is stable and the highest among all types of proxies, since it matches that of the Data center’s server, which usually is pretty fast.

Quality of server proxies

Since websites will be able to identify the Data center’s ISP, instead of a mobile operator or a home Internet provider, thereby easily identifying that the person is using a proxy.  

Still, practice shows that server proxies can be used to work even with Facebook.

Final comparison of all three types of proxies

We’ll be using a 5 point scale

Type of proxy Price per proxy Price per IP address Quality Proxy speed
Mobile proxies 4 (An affordable solution for most webmasters) 5 (in terms of 1 IP address, taking into account the possibility of changing the IP, mobile proxies overtake other types by a long shot) 5 (Maximum anonymity and alikeness to a regular Internet user) 4 (The speed is worse than that of server proxies, but usually better than residential ones)
Residential proxies 2 (You pay per Gb – that’s quite a lot) 2 (You pay for 1 Gb starting at $10 – a bit much, not too affordable for most webmasters) 5 (Maximum anonymity and alikeness to a regular Internet user) 3 (You can often encounter low speeds)
Server proxies 5 (Cheaper than all the others in terms of 1 proxy) 2 (Despite the fact that 1 server proxy with unlimited traffic costs only up to $10 per month, the lack of an IP address change feature greatly affects this parameter)  3 (Websites immediately detect that you’re using a proxy) 5 (The best speed among all proxy types)

Work through any number of accounts with just 1 mobile proxy

Mobile proxies have the advantage of allowing you to change the IP address. For example, you can buy just one mobile proxy and connect it to any number of Dolphin{anty} accounts.

The process looks like this:

  1. Access an account, perform some activities there, close it.
  2. Change the IP address
  3. Log into the next account
  4. Lather, rinse, repeat

And you can also use the same proxy (ip/port/login/password/URL to change the IP) in different accounts

If you’re working simultaneously, for example, in three accounts, you’ll only need 3 mobile proxies. This way, at no point in time will your accounts have the same IP address.  

What determines the price of a mobile proxy?

First of all, the price of mobile proxies depends on the cost of a SIM card. In different countries, mobile operators charge different amounts for mobile tariff plans. Prices in the CIS region are lower, compared to Europe and the US, therefore mobile proxies in the latter will cost more.

Also included in the price are the seller’s profit, equipment depreciation, salaries, administrative expenses and other factors.

As a result, mobile proxies can end up costing 2-3 times the amount of a tariff plan. But there is a way to make mobile proxies cost almost as much as a regular SIM card. 

How to save money on mobile proxies?

You can launch mobile proxies yourself, using your phone. Let’s explore the example of our official partner –

You’ll need to install the iProxy app. Set up an IP address change.To do this, grant iProxy access to the Voice Assistant. This will allow the app to toggle Airplane mode, as we described previously, which is how your mobile proxies will be issued new IP addresses. Video guide:

Proxy country and privacy

Note that your proxy will share your phone’s GEO. For example, if you’re in Ukraine, you’ll be making a Ukrainian mobile proxy. If you’re in Poland – a Polish mobile proxy. If in Brazil – a Brazilian one.

This way, working through an Android device and your SIM card, you’ll be in full control and able to diversify the pool of IP addresses at your disposal. Just use SIM cards from different mobile operators.

When launching proxies yourself, you guarantee their privacy.

Price provides 2 days for free automatically. After that, the services will cost you from 6 to 10 dollars a month depending on the plan you pick. This is a more lucrative solution compared to just buying ready-made mobile proxies. 

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Other mobile proxy providers

The market for selling and buying proxies is becoming more and more extensive. Every day there are new suppliers and sales services that are distinguished by high quality of service. Here we will mention a few decent mobile proxy services.

🔹IPFoxy –

IPFoxy is a leading mobile proxy service provider that allows you to easily access any content from anywhere in the world. IPFoxy utilizes mobile networks around the world to provide fast and reliable accesses, making it an ideal solution for those looking for a secure and anonymous internet connection.

IPFoxy has a few features designed to provide you with a safe and anonymous surfing experience. It includes a range of powerful features listed below:

• Dedicated IPs – IPFoxy provides pure static proxies for users’ dedicated use, ensuring maximum security and anonymity.

• High speed – By utilizing mobile networks, IPFoxy can deliver high speed connections.

• Anti-tracking – IPFoxy also offers anti-tracking capabilities, making it difficult for malicious websites, organizations, and governments to track your online activities.

How to Use IPfoxy

Using IPfoxy is quite simple. All you need to do is sign up for a new account with free trials and then follow the instructions on the website.

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