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Dolphin{anty} anti-detect browser is suitable for different purposes: account farming, affiliate marketing, betting, working with cryptocurrencies, etc. In this article, we’ve collected some recommendations on account farming shared by our users. 

If you’re just starting to farm accounts, or you need a few accounts for personal purposes, this article will help you avoid trivial mistakes in the account creation process. There’s nothing new in this article for professional farmers, so you can just test our anti-detect browser Dolphin{anty} for free. 🤩

What is account farming

Farming accounts is the process of creating and preparing accounts to work with various sites and social networks. The process of farming includes: 

  1. Preparation of the device and software for farming;
  2. Preparation of the data for setting up the account;
  3. Creating an account;
  4. Warming up the account — creating activity so that the site’s security systems have time to analyze the user’s behavior. 

Farmers are people who professionally create and set up accounts. Farmers can work alone, for a company that sells accounts, or within a team that often requires accounts.

Why use anti-detect browser to farm accounts

To create and prepare accounts, almost no user can do without an anti-detect browser — a program that changes the actual digital fingerprint

There are several reasons for this:

⛔️ Reason 1: Limitation on the number of accounts

Different social networks and services have restrictions on the number of accounts one user can create. For example, on Instagram, you can link up to 5 accounts to one phone number, and in the cryptocurrency exchange Binance — no more than 1. At the same time, if a user tries to create several accounts from one device at once, without the help of anti-detect browser the system is unlikely to allow it. 

The point is that anti-fraud systems on websites analyze not only the data specified by the user, but also information about his device, location, browser — a digital fingerprint. If the users don’t change this information, the systems will see that the same user is trying to create a new account and will either start monitoring his actions more carefully or won’t let him

create an account. 

With an anti-detect browser and proxy, you can change your fingerprint data and create as many profiles as you want from one device.

🌍 Reason 2: Work with foreign accounts

You can use the anti-detect browser and proxy to impersonate users from other countries. This is needed for:

  • Creation and subsequent sale of foreign accounts. All countries are divided into three groups depending on the solvency of the population: Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3. Tier-1 are the countries with the most solvent population, which include the USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, etc. Since you can earn the most money in these countries, the accounts of these countries are in high demand, 
  • Working with foreign sites. This may be especially relevant now, when users of some countries, including Russia and Belarus, are facing restrictions.

✅ Reason 3: Blocked account bypassing

If you previously created an account from a particular device, the system may not allow you to re-create an account from it. With an anti-detect browser, you can make a new fingerprint to bypass these restrictions. 

💰 Reason 4: Savings

Without anti-detect browser, you would have to pick up a new device for each account. If you only need 2-3 accounts, you can really create them from your phone, laptop, or a relative’s device. If more, the anti-detect browser would be cheaper than buying a laptop and phone for each account. 

What to do before creating accounts

🔹 Choose a proxy

Although you can find a lot of free proxies online, we do not recommend using them. This is because the IP addresses of such proxies are:

  • most likely to be blocked on most popular sites,
  • not safe because it is not clear what this service earns from. 

If you haven’t worked with proxies before, from our article you will learn how to choose a proxy for the anti-detect browser. 

🔹 Choose an anti-detect browser

There are over 30 popular anti-detect browsers on the market today. All the top programs cope with the task of masking real digital fingerprints and offer users many additional features to speed up their work. That said, since anti-detect browsers are expensive software, be sure to take advantage of a trial period before purchasing to see if a particular browser fits you. In particular, the quality of fingerprint swaps can be checked with special scanners.

🔹 Clear and generate a new browser history

Cleaning cookies is necessary so that when you create an account, your history will not contain links to other accounts or sites with content that might alert anti-fraud site systems. 

A new history is needed so that the same algorithms can see your cookies and analyze you. It is better to visit neutral sites, such as news publications, marketplaces, etc., while building your history. 

If you create and work with accounts via Dolphin{anty}, the link below will give you detailed instructions on how to set up a browser profile in 5 minutes.

🔹 Prepare your registration information

Typically, sites have several ways to register new accounts: by email, phone number, or using existing accounts on other sites. 

If you need to create many accounts, you can use virtual numbers. In this case, for a nominal fee, you can use the number to get a code when creating an account. These numbers have one disadvantage: in case your account is blocked, you can’t restore it with your phone number. For this reason, if possible, users try to register accounts to email addresses or, after creating an account, delete the phone number in order to receive verification codes on the email.

It’s important to remember that the data in each account must be unique. 

🔹 Come up with inside information about the user

Almost all sites require full name, age, contacts, and location. Additionally, passport data may be required at bookmakers offices or cryptocurrency exchanges. 

To avoid duplication of information, you can save all the in separate documents. Although some users refute the need to fill out detailed profiles, we recommend filling out the profile as much as possible. 

Some farmers recommend creating female accounts: it’s easier for such accounts to attract attention and get a friend list.

🔹 Payment option

If you’re creating an account for yourself, and you have to pay for services on the site, think about alternate payment methods: bank cards or e-wallets. 

As with other user data, if some accounts have the same card or wallet, these accounts will automatically be linked to each other. There are many cases described on various forums when matching data resulted in blocking the entire chain of accounts.

What to do when registering an account

The registration process will depend on the exact service or social network in which you register. 

For social networks, it is better not only to fill out the registration information, but also to add a photo. If you are going to use photos from the Internet, it is important to uniquely identify them: edit the photo and change the meta-data. There are special programs such as Exif Pilot, Metadata++ or AnalogExif to change the meta-data.

What to do after registering an account

There are a lot of debates on the web about whether warming up accounts is necessary at all. Considering how carefully anti-fraud systems analyze user data, down to the way a person moves his mouse over the screen, we believe that warming up is necessary. 

Warming up means that after creating an account, you first imitate the actions of a regular user: look through different tabs of the website, read articles about the service, etc. If we’re talking about social networks, you can flip through the news feed, put reactions to posts, correspond with other users, etc. 

To get a friend list faster, you can leave comments under various posts to attract the attention of other users. At the same time, it’s better not to send requests if there are users you don’t know: other users may complain about spam, and the account will be sent for verification. 

It is important that apart from the basic steps, such as preparing software, data, and registration itself, there is no universal and correct way to prepare and warm

up accounts. Every farmer has his own strategy and schemes that they develop to create accounts. The key thing to remember is that behavior in general should be as similar as possible to an ordinary user. 

If you have your own recommendations on account farming, you can share them in our Telegram chat or in the comments to this article.😉