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Dolphin Anty: Changes to FREE and BASE tariffs

Blog » Dolphin Anty: Changes to FREE and BASE tariffs

Enhancing the Dolphin Anty antidetect browser is an ongoing process. Our team regularly introduces new features, updates designs, keeps the browser core up-to-date, improves user interface, and carefully listens to feedback from over 2 million users — especially from those willing to share.

📅 This time, changes will affect the tariff structure and will take effect from the beginning of August. Read on for more details.

Updates on the Free plan

The Free tariff will continue to offer you the ability to create 10 profiles with high-quality browser fingerprint spoofing. You can still launch, stop, and delete them, but performing these actions en masse via “Quick Actions” will no longer be possible.

Additionally, several other limitations will be introduced:

  • Exporting cookies from profiles;
  • Automating browser profiles;
  • Using launch arguments (Chrome flags);
  • Viewing proxy blocklists and adding proxies in bulk;
  • Running the Cookie Robot;
  • Uploading archived extensions via the “Extensions” section;
  • Choosing startup pages;
  • Sharing bookmarks or managing folders.

Despite most introductory features remaining accessible to all users on the completely free tariff, professional use of Dolphin Anty will require upgrading to the paid FREE+ tariff starting at $10. Additionally, using promo code DOLPHIN will give you a 20% discount on your first payment 😉

Updates on the Base plan

✅ Starting in August, the Base tariff will no longer allow the assignment of the “Team Lead” role for team collaborations. However, administrators and regular users can still be assigned roles as before. These changes respond to user feedback, where most users only need two roles: admins and users.

❗ All main functionalities across all tariffs will remain unchanged. If any of these mentioned changes significantly impact your work, you’ll surely find the right tariff with the necessary features—or even more—available.

Explore the tariffs via the link or in the table below 👇

Pricing plan Dolphin Anty

If you have any suggestions for improving the Dolphin Anty antidetect browser, feel free to reach out to support or use the “Feedback” module directly within the application. Your feedback might just shape the next version of the browser.