How to choose a proxy and how they differ from each other

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Proxies can be different depending on the method of data modification, anonymity, protocol, etc. In a separate article, we’ve written what proxies are suitable for anti-detect browsers. 

In this article, we will tell you what HTTP and SOCKS proxies are, how they differ, and which of them suit better for affiliate marketing, parcing, SMM, and other purposes.

In brief: what is a proxy? 🤔

A proxy is a mediator between your computer/mobile phone and servers.

If you have a proxy, every time you try to visit a website or a site tries to send information to your device, first that request goes through the proxy server.

Proxies are used for different purposes. For example, they help:

  • speed up the opening of the websites, 
  • visit websites that are blocked in the country,
  • mask your IP address and stay anonymous,
  • bypass the restrictions of anti-fraud (security) systems. 

For each of the above purposes choose a particular proxy.

The difference between proxies and VPNs is that a VPN encrypts the user’s IP address and all traffic from his device. VPN creates a secure tunnel between the device and the server of the website, through which data transmits. 

The proxy acts as an intermediate step between the user’s device and the website. Some of them can also protect data, but not all protocols work that way.

What is an HTTP proxy?

HTTP proxies use HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) protocol to transfer data. They redirect traffic only from your browser: when you visit websites, exchange data with them, download files, etc. In rare cases, HTTP proxies are suitable for some programs. 

All HTTP proxies are divided into several types depending on their anonymity level.

Transparent show website servers that a person is using a proxy and give his real IP address. Because these proxies save (cache) the data of popular websites, they are speeding up the opening of the websites. 

Example: If a user from Barcelona has transparent proxies, websites will see that he is a user from Barcelona, his real IP address and that he uses such proxies. 

Anonymous do not reveal the user’s IP address but show the websites that the user has a proxy. They help increase the protection of the data on the network and hide your real IP address from the websites. 

Examples: If a user from Barcelona uses an anonymous proxy server from London, the sites will see that he uses a proxy server from London, has an IP from London, but they will not realize that the user is actually in Barcelona.

Elite not only masks the user’s real IP address but also substitute it with another user’s IP address. As a result, no website can see the real IP address of the user and does not even realize that the person is using a proxy server. 

Examples: If a user from Barcelona has elite proxies from Rome, sites will think that he is a regular user from Rome. 

To make the differences clear, we made a table:

Transparent proxies Anonymous proxies  Elite proxies
What data changes Pass the HTTP header and show to the website the real IP address of the user They change HTTP header to replace the user’s IP address with the proxy server IP They change HTTP header to replace the user’s real IP address with another real IP
Masking the user’s IP address No Yes Yes
Do websites see that this is a proxy server Yes Yes No

The HTTP proxy has an advanced version — HTTPS. HTTPS uses a secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. Thanks to him, the information from the device to the server of the website is sent in an encrypted form. Only the browser that sent the information and the website to which the information was sent know the decryption. The most obvious example of how this protocol works: online loan applications for banks.

Example: imagine that you need to send a package from Prague to Cairo. An HTTPS proxy is a company that will pick up your package and safely deliver it to Cairo without unpacking it or knowing what’s inside.

What is a SOCKS proxy?

In contrast to HTTP and HTTPS, SOCKS (Socket Secure) proxy redirects your traffic not only from your browser but from all programs on your device. The proxy server does not change the user’s data: it only redirects the traffic to the final server. 

The most current and secure version of these proxies is SOCKS5. They:

  • support different connections,
  • are anonymous.

What are the differences between HTTP and SOCKS proxies

HTTP and SOCKS differ in connection format, amount of data transferred, and, as a result, in the tasks for which they are suitable.

In the table below, we show some basic differences between them.

Passing HTTP headers Not transmitted: the proxy server does not change the data in any way All proxies transmit, but in different ways: some report the use of a proxy, others mask the real user’s IP 
What kind of traffic redirects All: from the browser and device programs Only from the browser
Anonymity Completely anonymous  Depends on the type of proxy
Website access speed High Depends on the type. For example, elite proxies may be slower.

What proxies to choose ❓

Depends on the task for which you plan to use them.

  • To speed up website downloads: use transparent HTTP proxies: they do not mask your traffic, but they cache data. This will help to speed up access to websites. SOCKS5 are also quick: although they pass all your requests through their server, these proxies have high access speeds.
  • To protect information on the network: you can use HTTPS proxies because they encrypt traffic. 
  • For affiliate marketing: it is better to choose elite residential proxies. They replace your IP with another unique IP, but are not defined as proxies: anti-fraud systems of traffic sources perceive you as a real user.
  • For SMM and SEO: similar to affiliate marketing, elite residential proxies are more trustworthy. 
  • For anonymity: any anonymous proxy will do. If you want maximum anonymity, use proxy chains — consecutive connections to several servers. You can do this by combining different proxies, e.g. start SOCKS — HTTPS — SOCKS. Keep in mind that the use of a chain will affect the speed: the more proxies in the chain, the lower will be the speed.

❗️That said, it’s best to avoid using free or cheap proxies for any task. They may not cope with your tasks or even use your data against you❗️

Where to buy proxies

In the modern world, there are a huge number of proxy providers that offer an even greater variety of choices: proxy countries, connection speed, connection type, amount of traffic used, and so on. How to choose a reliable service with affordable prices and quality service? Here are a few options for proxy sellers, where you can find a proxy for your tasks:


IPFoxy is a leading provider in the proxy market. Their commitment to providing high-quality and reliable proxy infrastructures, continuous innovations and exceptional customer services make them a popular choice for users.

IPFoxy provides easy access and a wide choice of options globally, including pure
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1. Private use with pure individual proxies
2. Widely used GEOs and business scenarios
3. Provisions directly from operators and cloud companies
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7. 24/7 online tech supports

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Proxy-Seller — is a leading provider of high-quality, reliable proxy services.

They provide:

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  • Both HTTP(s) & Socks5 protocols are included in a single proxy order
  • Real IP providers, which maximize the proxy trust

Perfect for businesses, individuals, and developers looking to stay anonymous online, access restricted content, and automate tasks. With instant issuance and 24/7 customer support, the company makes it easy for you to get the proxies you need and when you need them.

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Other products:
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AstroProxy is a data-oriented ecosystem with full KYC and AML compliance. The infrastructure includes 1M+ proxies with geo location all around the world, in 100+ countries of Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Australia. A free proxy trial is available to new users.

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Proxyline is a reliable service that offers proxies to users from Russia, the USA, Europe and the CIS. Working servers are provided for any period of use with a quality guarantee and round-the-clock technical support.

Proxyline services have the following advantages:

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🔹Coronium – 4G & 5G LTE mobile proxy marketplace. is a renowned marketplace for 4G mobile proxies, hosting a variety of proxy vendors, also known as proxy farmers, from numerous countries worldwide. The platform is committed to providing high-trust IPs, ensuring that all proxy farms are meticulously audited for speed and stability. Currently, offers seven locations across the USA and Europe. specializes in 4G mobile proxies, sourced from private devices equipped with SIM cards. The platform has earned an impressive 5/5 score on TrustPilot, with users frequently praising the responsive and swift support.


A provider that stands out in the agency services market.. Compared with many competitors, PYPROXY shows outstanding advantages in the following aspects, which will help you make a decision to purchase a subscription.

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Package type: residential proxies/unlimited package/data center package/static ISP proxy/SOCKS5 proxy

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PYPROXY unlimited proxy
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PYPROXY Data Center Proxy
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