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12 Useful Tools for Crypto Enthusiasts 💸

Blog » 12 Useful Tools for Crypto Enthusiasts 💸

Crypto is an area of money making where the approach «bought there, sold here, got money» is not viable. Those who make money on cryptocurrency know that the key to success is not only a timely reaction, constant market analysis and competent conclusions, but also proven tools for effective work.

The Dolphin{anty} team has created a selection of 12 useful tools that every crypto enthusiast should install to improve their skills!

Anonymity and automation 🥷🏻

To manage a farm of accounts in a safe way, participate in drops and sales, as well as automate routine tasks, you will need a reliable anti-detect browser – this is a basic tool for multi accounting for every crypto enthusiast.

Dolphin Anty

Many specialists use just Dolphin Anty. This is an antidetect that spoofs your browser fingerprints to make your sessions safe. Anti-fraud systems will not detect the spoofing and you can safely register thousands of accounts on different projects.

👏🏻 Dolphin Anty also has many built-in useful functions:

  • Start pages. You can make a list of important websites and pages that will open when you launch your profile.
  • Mass installation of extensions. You can install a wallet or any other extension in a couple of clicks on all profiles. Download from the official online store or from a zip archive is also supported.
  • Synchronizer. You can duplicate all actions on several profiles at the same time.
  • Scenarios. With the help of this tool you can automate your work. For example, you can write a scenario that will go to a specific website and perform the actions you need: active behavior on projects, reposts, registrations, participation in sales, etc. No knowledge of program code is required here.

Mass import of accounts and proxies is time saving when you add new profiles. Statuses, tags and notes help in quick finding of the accounts you need and not getting lost in them.

Tags and status in Dolphin anty

Useful Browser Extensions 🧩

There are three extensions in our selection that are worth installing if you work with crypto. They will help you bypass blocking, hide information about what you are doing, write correctly and organize your work in the browser.


TouchVPN is a free extension that will allow you to visit blocked resources, encrypt traffic and simply receive the IP of a specific location. You won’t need it if you use Dolphin anty and a proxy, but it will help when you are working in a regular browser or will be an excellent addition to the antidetect profile.

You can download TouchVPN from the official Google store. To launch VPN, select the extension in your browser and click “Connect”:

Testing TouchVPN


Cryptщ enthusiasts often need English. This can be either regular communication on forums or social networks, or posts on Twitter or discussions on Discord. Even if you speak English at the C2 level, it will not be superfluous to check the text for errors. The Grammarly extension will help with this. If there is an error in the text, it will be highlighted in red, and when you hover over the word, the extension will suggest the correct option:

Expansion Grammarly for translation

❗ Sometimes Grammarly can give incorrect pieces of advice. Therefore, you should not trust the extension fully. But frequent and gross mistakes are highlighted well.

Better History

A cool extension that will allow you to find sites that you have visited in the past easily and quickly.

Better History structures your browser history by date and time of visit:

Better History for search info about crypto site

You can also see the history devided by different devices:

View device history Better History

Useful Extension for Discord 👾

Crypto projects create Discord channels and crypto enthusiast communicate there. Therefore, we have two useful services that are worth paying attention to.

Automatic Discord Translator

It is used to translate chats and messages in Discord. The Automatic Discord Translator extension is free and can be installed in both Google Chrome and Dolphin Anty. The downside is that there is a limit of 50 transfers per day.

A translator for discord

Better Discord

Better Discord is a platform where you will find a huge number of plugins for Discord.

There are extensions for channel management, themes, translators, bots and much more. Everything is free here and can be installed in one click.

Platform with plugins for Discord

Useful Extensions for X (ex-Twitter) 🐦

X is a social network where communities of cryptocurrency professionals are formed. Here they announce drops, discuss scams and make announcements on new projects. Well, Twitter itself was bought by Elon Musk, who himself is associated with the cryptocurrency market.


A service where you can rent virtual numbers to create a farm of accounts on X and other platforms.

OnlineSIM offers a choice of numbers from 90 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Kenya, Peru, Iran, China and others. There are also free numbers, but we recommend to use them only for testing:

Choose number sim for sms

There are no complaints about the paid services numers: you get one number per person, and in case of some error you get an instant refund to the balance.


This is the service that evaluates different X accounts for popularity in the crypto segment. TwitterScore helps you evaluate a project’s profile to help you decide whether to trust it or not.

TwitterScore is most often used to:

  • Find unpopular coins that can “skyrocket”;
  • Find gems at an early stage and make a profit;
  • View account history by subscribers;
  • Avoid scam projects. 

Checking popularity in the crypto segment

The service is free and you can receive complete information about the user. For example, you can look at Elon Musk’s rating.

Tweet Hunter X

Tweet Hunter X is an extension that helps you find the best content on Twitter. All you have to do is enter a hashtag, and the extension evaluates tweets and generates results in your feed.

Finding the best content on Twitter (X)

Useful Services for Telegram ✈️

In addition to Discord and X, the crypto community also gathers on Telegram. Bots in the messenger make trading easier and many bloggers start their own channels and private chats here.

Whale Alert

Whale Alert collects and analyzes millions of transactions in real time.

For example, the service can track when someone buys or sells certain coins in large quantities. Follow the market whales, analyze their trading and formulate your strategy.

Analyzing and collecting transactions

Whale Sniper

An analogue of Whale Alert – the service shows all purchases and sales within the exchange.

There is a Telegram channel where information on Binance is published for free. There is also a premium version, which includes analysis of other exchanges.

Publication of information on Binance in telegram channel

On-Chain Sniper

Telegram channel where crypto whale transactions are published. You can keep track of who, where and how much crypto bought or sold, how much money is currently on the balance sheet and other information.

The author tracks this information for himself, but shares it with subscribers for free.

Publishing transactions in the crypto world


To make money on cryptocurrency, you need to have many tools at hand. They make your work easier, save time and allow you to find out important information on time.

Use our selection to participate in drops, get into listings, find gems or profitable coins on time and earn your first million.

Dolphin Anty will boldly top this list, become a reliable guardian of your accounts, automate your routine, simplify your work and charge you for successful success. 😎

Download Dolphin Anty and test the free plan right now!