Что такое беттинг и как с ним поможет антидетект браузер

What is betting and how the anti-detect browser can help with it

Blog » What is betting and how the anti-detect browser can help with it

Many people have a preconceived opinion about betting. For example, they think that betting is no different from casino gambling, it is a cheating business and it is impossible to make money out of it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

In this article, we will tell:

  • What is betting 
  • How do bookmakers work 
  • What are a bookmaker’s odds
  • How betting is regulated by law 
  • And of course: can a better make money on betting.

What is betting 🤔

To place a bet, players bet on the outcome of an event. The one who bets on the correct result or is closest to it wins. The conditions for winning depend on the terms of the particular arrangement. 

In fact, you can bet on anything: sports, politics, economics, events, etc. The main thing is what is needed the parties who make this bet.

Where people can bet

In today’s world, players mainly make bets in two ways: through a bookmaker’s office or through a betting exchange.

Through a betting exchange

In this case, players bet against each other, and the exchange simply acts as a platform where they meet. From each bet, the exchange receives its commission. Thus, the exchange can not be at a disadvantage, since it gets some amount anyway.

If a player makes a bet on which there is no opponent, the bet will not be registered. This happens, for example, if the player has set the bet amount too high, against which no one is ready to bet.

Through a bookmaker’s office

In this case, the player makes a bet with a bookmaker’s office and depending on the outcome, either the office or the player gets the winnings. By analogy with the exchange, the bookmaker’s office lays its margin commission in each bet, so the office will get some payment in any case. 

However, the key difference from the exchange: the office itself is involved in the bet, so it can lose.

To make regular money, it is not enough only to win bets: it is important to check the odds of bookmakers. 

How the odds of bookmakers are formed

An important element of betting is the odds. The odds reflect the probability of a particular event. For example, that some team will win or vice versa will lose. 

Usually the odds work by the rule: the lower is the probability of winning/some event ➡️ the higher are the odds ➡️ the more can be earned in case of winning. And vice versa.

If bets are placed in a bookmaker’s office, the odds are formed by bookmakers, if on a betting exchange, the odds are formed by the players themselves.

To calculate the odds, bookmakers use:

  • Sports analysts who specialize in calculating the probability of outcomes for specific, sports/competitions/events. 
  • Special software that uses the analysis of large amounts of data to calculate the probability of a particular outcome.

For example, if we are talking about the result of a soccer match, the analysts and the software will analyze the recent performance of each team, changes in players and coaches, the state and fitness of each player, etc.

Who bets

All people who bet can be divided into several groups: 


Such players bet without any deep analysis or strategy. As a rule, in this case, betting acts as entertainment or an opportunity to add emotions while watching the game. 

Amateurs bet from time to time, for example, when there is a period of sport matches in their favorite game or for the company with friends. Usually, they make bets based on their feelings or preferences. Most of the customers of bookmakers are amateurs.

Gambling addicts

These are the people with a gambling addiction. Ludomania is a dangerous disease: addicted people can bet for days, spend all their income and even take loans, just to get even. 😬

Such people make up about 3-5% of all betters.


For professionals, betting is not entertainment, but a full-time job and a source of regular income. To have a predictable income, professional players carefully approach all stages of work: 

  • make bets only in certain sports in which they have experience and expertise,
  • check the bookmaker’s offices in detail: the conditions and odds, analyze feedback from other players and whether there are problems with payouts, 
  • develop and test different betting strategies, 
  • they analyze everything that is happening in the chosen segment and constantly look for new ways of making more accurate predictions and calculating winnings,


To become a professional, you need to have a great deal of knowledge. For such people, betting is not luck, but the result of many factors and analytical miscalculation. 

It is thorough analysis that distinguishes a professional from an amateur, and betting itself from gambling games like roulette, where luck decides everything.

Arbitrage betting

This is a category of players who use a special strategy in betting — arbitrage bets also called “forks”. Forks can be used by both professional players and amateurs. 

The essence is to make opposite bets on the same match. Due to this, the player in the worst case will work at zero (will win as much as he loses), and what is more often — will make an average profit of 9-15%. 

Bookmaker’s offices actively fight with arbitrage betting, because it reduces their profits. To do this, the security systems of betting websites analyze hundreds of behavioral and technical parameters of players. Including users’ digital fingerprints — information about their device, browser and connection.

Experienced bettors use anti-detect browsers to prevent betting websites’ from recognizing their real data. With the help of these programs, it is possible to change your data and pretend to be another user. For example, Dolphin{anty} anti-detect browser has a completely free rate with no restrictions on features or validity period.😉

The legality of betting 

The attitude towards betting depends on the specific country. 

For example, betting on sports is prohibited in Turkey, North and South Korea. In Russia, the activities of betting offices are regulated by several laws. In particular:

  • The Tax Code. From any winnings, the betting players must pay tax.
  • The Federal Law on personal data. All betting organizations must obtain and keep the consent of users to verify the data. Data verification is required, for example, to find out the age of the user, whether he is a resident, etc.  
  • Federal Law on State Regulation of Gambling Activities. It defines the rules for betting offices. 

You can find both white, i.e. official bookmakers offices and gray ones, which are not included in any registers. The former are included in the official register of betting offices, strictly follow the laws, and if there are violations by the company, they can be appealed in court. The situation is more difficult with the gray offices: since the company is not regulated by state agencies, you can expect anything from it. 

Is it possible to earn from betting

From the total number of players, less than 5% regularly earn on betting. It is connected with the fact that for stable income you need to really well understand the games in which the bets are made, analyze a large amount of data and even that will not guarantee a win. That being said, all professional players were amateurs at first. We will tell you more about betting and ways of working in the next article. 😉

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