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Facebook continues to tighten its ad requirements, making it much harder for affiliates to do their jobs. As a result, instead of creating and setting ads, affiliates have to think additionally about how they can surely fit the social media’s requirements.😉

To make the work somehow easier, we’ve collected examples of some services and programs that help save time on preparing and setting up ads and make them more effective:

  • Anti-detect browsers that mask digital fingerprints

  • Proxies for replacing your real IP

  • Pixel for better ad customization

  • Spy-services to see the top ads of the competitors

  • Online website builders

  • Programs for designing ads

  • Ads manager, that helps to automize ad campaigns

  • Tools for finding your target audience

Probably, this article will not be much useful for experienced affiliates, but for those who are just starting to work with traffic or want to test new services, this selection can help find something that will make their work easier.

Anti-Detect Browser 🥷

Why use it: It’s an indispensable program for affiliates who work with multiple accounts. With the help of anti-detects, you can substitute your digital fingerprint and work with hundreds of accounts from one browser.

Examples of programs:


An anti-detect browser that was created and developed by affiliates. Among the main advantages: this anti-detect successfully passes the anti-fraud systems of Google, Facebook, Huobi, Coinlist and is suitable for working with cryptocurrency. It has extensive functions, for example, you can add tags and statuses to each profile, mobile proxies can be updated directly from the anti-detect’s interface, it’s comfortable to use for solo work as well as for a team, etc.

Dolphin Anty site

Price: this anti-detect has a free and open-ended rate for 10 profiles, the cheapest paid rate costs $89.

Pricing Dolphin Anty

Also, there is a referral program with which you get 15% of all payments of the invited users.

Indigo Browser

Another browser that was created by affiliates for affiliates. Indigo has been around for a few years and has already gained an audience. The browser can be launched from multiple devices at a time and is convenient for both solo and teamwork.

Indigo Browser

Price: there is no free rate, the cheapest starts from $99.

Price Indigo Browser


A Chinese anti-detect browser, which shows good results with different anti-fraud systems. The profile is only available in English and Chinese.

VMLogin Browser

Cost: there is a free 3-day trial period, after which you need to choose 1 of 4 rates:

Price VMlogin Browser

Proxy 🌏

Why use it: Proxies are used to hide your real IP and/or to replace it with another one. Proxies are used in conjunction with an anti-detect browser to hide your real digital fingerprint and imitate the actions of a real user.

Examples of services:


The company owns an incalculable number of IPs around the world and offers more than 50 locations for choosing an IP address. Proxies of the company are suitable for arbitrage, heavy scraping, and many other tasks. The real proxy speed is ~30% of the main connection, due to a 1 Gbps channel.

Listing GEO proxy

Cost: depends on the type of proxy, location, number of IPs, and period of use. When placing a “wholesale” order, automatic discounts can reach up to 40%. The minimum tariffs, for example, for US mobile proxy look like this:

USA Mobile proxy


The company currently provides 43 locations of private IPv4 proxies. The Proxy-Sale provider’s proxies are suitable for arbitrage, web scraping, gambling scanners, and shopping bots. Proxies have a high-speed channel of 1 Gbps, while the real speed fluctuates around 95 Mbps.


Cost: depends on the type of proxy (IPv4/IPv6), location, number of IPs, and period of use. When placing a “wholesale” order, automatic discounts are provided, which can reach up to 47% of the initial price. Minimum rates, for example, of US IPv4 proxies look like this:

Price for Proxy-Sale


This service provides mobile proxies of two locations: Ukraine and Russia. These proxies are suitable both for affiliate marketing and for keeping anonymity in the network. The service guarantees high connection speed: up to 20 MB/sec.

ProxyPanda site

Cost: now there are rates for 14, 30, and 90 days with Russian and Ukrainian proxies.

Price ProxyPanda


The service has a large set of mobile, residential and server(Data Center) proxies. At the time of publication, there are more than 2 million IPs. site iproyal

Cost: it depends on the type of proxy and the payment period. Similar to other services, it is best to subscribe for a year. Tariff for 4G mobile proxies:

price iproyal


The service has over 40 million IPs, including such geographies as the US, Japan, the UK, Canada, and Russia. The company offers both residential and server proxies.

site smartproxy

Cost: prices depend on the type of proxy and the amount of traffic. For example, rates for residential proxies are as follows:

smartproxy price

Pixel ✅

Why use it: The Facebook Pixel is a special counter that collects data about your website’s visitors. To make the pixel work, you need to install it on your website. Once it’s installed, pixel remembers all the visitors of the website, what they did on the site, and then transmits this information to your advertising account.

Pixel helps to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, analyze your audience and create similar (look-alike), better set up advertising, including retargeting, etc.

Meta also has a special extension to make your work with the pixel even more comfortable: Pixel Helper. The extension shows whether the pixel is working properly and, if not, shows errors and helps to fix them👍.

Spy services 🔍

Why use it: such services collect and store ads from different traffic sources. This information helps to understand which ad formats are most relevant, what competitors use to attract users, build hypotheses about the most effective ads, etc. As a rule, one service specializes in a particular site or category of websites☝️.

Social Ad Scout

Collects information on social media ads from 21 countries, including the U.S., U.K., and Russia. For each ad, you can find a detailed description of how many days the ad has been running, what devices it is set up for, what results it has, etc.

Site Social Ad Scout

Cost: $147 per month, the prices aren’t published on the site.


This service analyzes and collects ads from multiple sources, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and AdMob. It has a simple interface and, most importantly, it has a free rate, which can be especially useful for beginner affiliates with limited budgets.

BigSpy Site

Cost: The service has 4 rates, including free rate. With free rate, you can make no more than 5 requests per day.

BigSpy price


The service allows you to look at ads that are advertised on Facebook and the apps on iOS. At the time of publication, the service has more than 800 million creatives and nearly 300,000 apps in its database.

AdHeart site

Cost: there is a free demo with a limited number of requests. Paid access costs 3,800 rubles/month.

AdHeart price

Facebook Ad Library

The social network has its own open ad database, where you can find other people’s creatives by Geo and keywords. Access to the base is free for all users.

For example, you can see there an ad of Dolphin{anty} anti-detect:

Facebook Ad Library

However, in the ad library, you can’t see ads from accounts that have been banned by Facebook. For this reason, this service can be useful only to understand which creatives surely pass moderation or if the affiliate can’t allocate money for a paid spy-series.


The service collects data on advertising on Facebook, Vk, TikTok and Instagram. The service has more than 100 million creatives, including those removed from Yandex Market, Google Adwords and MyTarget.

Publer siteCost: The service has a free demo mode with a limit on the number of queries and results. Paid rates start from 449 rubles/day.Publer priceOnline website builders ⚙️

Why use it: with their help, you can manually assemble an advertising landing page or a simple website. Since everyone knows about Tilda, Wix, and WordPress, we have listed examples of other services below.

Examples of services:


Even the free version of the service will be able to create typical web pages. The builder is simple and easy to use, suitable even for those who have never assembled a webpage on their own.

WebStarts site

Cost: there is a free plan, but then the designer will show ads, you can not add icons of social networks, and cloud storage will be only 1 GB.

price WebStarts


The builder has a large set of templates, but there is no free version. Also, the same developer has another service, which is focused specifically on creating landing pages — uLanding. All sites created on the platform are protected by Avast antivirus.

ukit site

The cost: all users can get a 14-day free period. The cheapest rate starts from $5/month and includes free SSL, domain attachment, over 200 website templates and hosting.

ukit price


With this builder, you can create landing pages, online stores, food delivery websites, etc. Each type of site already has a set of templates to choose from. On the main page, there is a simple video guide that shows how to create websites using the platform.

mottor site

Cost: you can create one website for free, and then you need to choose one of three rates:

mottor price

Programs for designing ads 🎨

Why use it: to create and design advertisements without the help of a designer. As a rule, all such services have a large set of templates, there are free versions, and you can get a discount for a yearly subscription,

Examples of services:


This is a video editor that allows you to record the needed area of the screen along with sound. This tool is often used by affiliates to edit downloaded through spy services videos. The program needs to be installed on the computer.


As a rule, in the public use you can only find trial versions of the program, so mostly users download it from a torrent. You can read more about the program on Wikipedia. 😉


This photo editor has many templates for creating posts in all popular social networks, videos, banners, business cards, logos, etc. The service also has a large photo and video stock from which you can pick up images for your ads.

Vistacreate site

Cost: The platform has only two rates. There is a free Starter rate that includes 50,000 templates, 1 million photos, and 10 GB of cloud storage. The Pro rate costs $10/month.

Vistacreate price


Although the word banner is in the name, this photo editor actually has many templates for creating different ads. By the way, banners in HTML5, AMPHTML, GIF, MP4, JPEG, and PNG formats can be created in just a couple of minutes.

BannerBoo site

Cost: The service has 4 rates, there is a free rate that includes the creation of 10 banners, basic templates, and the ability to upload their own images. Paid rates start at $9.99 per month.

BannerBoo price


One of the most popular photo editors. It has many ready-made templates for publishing posts, stories, banners, etc. In addition to the desktop version, there is a mobile app, in which you can design your ads in a couple of minutes.

Canva site

Cost: The service has three rates, including a free plan that includes 250,000 templates, a photo stock with free photos, and 5 GB of cloud storage. The cheapest paid rate costs 499 ₽/month or 3,990 ₽/year. The cost depends on the number of features and the number of users linked to the account.

Canva price

Ad managers that speed up your work ⚡️


The service allows you to run, set up, and manage ads across all of your Facebook accounts from a single tab. The tool is suitable for single affiliates as well as for entire teams. Moreover, there is a mobile version of the program, so you can run or check the status of your accounts at any time without opening your laptop. The service integrates with Dolphin{anty} anti-detect browser.

The program is installed on the affiliate’s server, so only the owner has access to the accounts.

Dolphin site

Cost: The service has a 3-day free period, after which you must choose one of the rates:

Dolphin pricing

By the way, at the moment, the Dolphin team is testing a beta version of a service for running ads on TickTock.


Another service that has a set of features to speed up the launch of ads on Facebook. You can use it to set up ads, work with comments, and view statistics from a single window.

fbtool site

Cost: There is a free 3-day period, after which you need to choose one of the rates.

fbtool price

Tools for finding your target audience 🎯

Why use it: these services help find and analyze your potential target audience faster. Such programs are also called parsers. With the help of parsers, you can:

  • Identify your target audience by additional parameters that you won’t find in your Facebook advertising account,

  • find communities with needed themes to identify and attract your target audience from there,

  • collect data about your potential target audience and create a similar (look-alike) audience to show ads,

Examples of services:

Audience Insights

A service from Facebook that lets you analyze your current audience and estimate who of the Facebook users might make up your potential target audience. For example, Facebook can show gender, age, geo, popular pages these users visit, etc.

Audience Insights site

The service is free, you only need to log in and choose the right advertising office, if there are several.

Peper Ninja

One of the most famous parsers. When collecting data, the service does not take into account users who have not been in the social network for more than 2 years, removes bots from the list, and helps to collect phone numbers and e-mail.

Peper Ninja site

Cost: the site shows 1 rate with a price for every 1,000 contacts.

Peper Ninja price

FB sender

A program for working with social networks, which, among other things, includes functionality to search for the target audience in selected groups, individual user entries, comments, etc.

FB sender site

Cost: the program can be used for free until the paid version will be released.

FB sender price

🤓 If you want us to prepare a detailed selection of programs for specific tasks or for another source of traffic, send us a message in Telegram or in the comments below and indicate which selection you would like to read.

We will prepare and release the material within 2 weeks.