How do surebets work

How do surebets work

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In the previous article, we told you what betting is, how it differs from the casino and whether you can make money on it. In this material we will analyze:

  • What are surebets
  • Examples of surebets
  • How to calculate surebets
  • What are the pros and cons of surebets
  • Why do you have to use the anti-detect browser when surebets

What is a surebet ⚽️🍴

Surbets (also arbitrage bets or arbs) is a strategy of making money on bets, in which a player bets on opposite outcomes in different bookmaker companies and, in any case, remains a winner. 

At first glance, it may seem that in the case of contrary bets, at best you will come out at zero. And if you consider that any bet includes a bookmaker’s commission, then it turns out as if the player will anyway loose.

And here we come to the main principle of surebets: bets must work so that the player will anyway get profit. To do this, the player needs to analyze the betting odds.

Example of a surebet

Suppose there is a soccer championship final involving team A and team B. At the end, we can only have two outcomes of the game: either team A or B will win.

We analyze the bets of all bookmakers and find out that Bookmaker 1 puts higher odds on Team A to win, and Bookmaker 2 puts higher odds on Team B to win.

The player bets $100 on each of the outcomes and this is what happens:

Bookmaker 1 Bookmaker 2
Coefficient 2,3 2,4
The bet Team А wins Team B wins
Amount of the bet $100  $100
The prize $230  $240
Result The player wins anyway

After deducting the amount invested for bets, the player is in the black in either case. The net profit in one case will be $30, and in the other, $40  💸

How to find surebets

There are special formulas for calculating arbs. One of the simplest ones looks like this:

1/coefficient #1 + 1/coefficient #2 = X

If X is less than one, then you have come across a surebet. To check, let’s substitute the values from our example with a soccer match:

1 / 2,3 + 1 / 2,4 = 0,43 + 0,41 = 0,84

Since some betters are not willing to spend time on manual calculations, they use:

  • Surebet calculators

It is enough to substitute the values and the calculator will give the result. Moreover, in some of them, you can enter the amount of bookmaker’s commission, so you can calculate the potential benefit even more accurately. 

  • Surebet scanners

Such programs analyze the bets and coefficients of bookmakers and show arbs to users. The player has only to transfer payment to the chosen bookmakers.

In practice, however, scanners do not work perfectly. For example, due to the fact that the data may be transmitted with delays, by the time the player downloads the website of a particular bookmaker the coefficients may have changed. Moreover, good surebet programs are not cheap: from $29/month in the basic rate.

Some scanners offer free rates, but they may have a number of limitations. For example, one may not show profitable arbs with potentially big winnings, or betting information may load slower. The latter can be a crucial factor if the player is betting during the game. Moreover, free software can be dangerous: who knows who developed it and how he compensates free data access. 

Types of surebets

Arbs can be divided into several types, depending on:

  • Number of outcomes: 2 possible results, 3 results, etc. A 2 way surebet is also called a classic surebet  i.e. it is the simplest and involves only two variants of the outcome.
  • When they are made. Bets can be placed before the game or during the game when adjustments are made to the odds. 
  • Whether bets are placed on all possible outcomes or only on the most likely ones. For example, if it is an ordinary soccer match, the game can have 3 outcomes: a win for one of the teams or a draw. If the bookmaker has analyzed the games of these teams for a long time, he may come to the conclusion that the victory of team A is almost impossible. This means he will only bet on a draw or victory for team B. 

Above, we offered a simple breakdown of arbitrage bets, which is useful for general understanding. Professional bettors have dozens of options. 

Pros and cons of surebets in sports

Pros +

Winning at any outcome. With the help of arbs and wisely chosen coefficients, the player wins at any outcome. 

✅ Good earnings. It is important to understand that arbs and working with bets in general is a full-fledged activity, so one must take time to analyze data and gain experience in order to make a stable income. 

Disadvantages –

⛔️ Bookmakers are struggling with such betters. If arbitrage bets are suspected, the bookmaker can reduce the odds, impose a fine, block the account or even completely deprive the winnings.

⛔️ To circumvent the restrictions, you need to buy additional software. If you do not know how to choose it and where to buy it, you can overpay for a software that won’t fit your tasks.

How to protect your betting account from bans 🙅‍♀️

Bookmakers have one of the strongest anti-fraud systems: they carefully analyze each user’s actions, behavioral patterns, data from his device, location, connection information, etc.

If any action is suspicious, it can lead to the instant blocking of the account. Moreover, the data of the offenders is remembered and if he ever tries to create a new account, the system will not let you do so.

To prevent your device data from becoming a reason for blocking, use:

  • Proxies. They will help change your IP address. It is better to choose residential proxies in order to look more like an ordinary user. If you have a lot of accounts, you can buy mobile proxies: although they are expensive and can cost starting from $60/month, they can be used by dozens of accounts at a time.
  • Anti-detect browsers are programs that change the digital fingerprints of your device and browser. To make you look as an ordinary user, anti-detect browsers should be used in conjunction with a proxy. Reliable anti-detect browsers with the best masking techniques and feature sets usually cost starting at $80 per month. Not all of them have a free trial. Dolphin{anty} is one of the few top anti-detect browsers that not only has a free 10-profile plan.

Betting is an interesting and profitable income. The main thing is to devote enough time to it and use proper software to make it more efficient. ✌️