Dolphin advantages

Manage browser profiles
Work with hundreds of unique profiles from one device. Each profile is a unique browser fingerprint with a separate web environment. Cache, cookies and other parameters are completely separate from each other
Real fingerprint browser profiles
You'll look like a usual internet user as much as possible. We collect fingerprints from real users and give them to you when you create new browser profile.
A modern antidetect requires not only a high-quality substitution, but also convenient team interaction, tracking the statuses of accounts, notes and proxies. We have seriously worked on this functionality.

Integration with products of Dolphin automation

Users feedback


Bearded CPA

What immediately hooked me with Dolphin is usability. - Statuses, I will explain why it is essential and convenient. Previously, I had to go into the table and compare the name with the browser profile, then go into the table and understand something like that with the profile, that is, the picture of what was happening was fragmented. Now I see the whole picture without leaving Dolphin Anty, which is insanely convenient. - Notes, it's gorgeous, quickly convenient, they again replace an unnecessary action - that is, I can not go to the tables, it's very cool - Bookmarks pre-loaded into the browser, who invented this is genius, it is convenient to immediately add a pack of bookmarks to yourself and navigate through them in all profiles - Ability to edit proxies without going into the profile Such seemingly small things, in aggregate, give a pleasant experience of using Dolphin Anty, and when working with Tik-Tok, there were no logins and no bans on your PC parameters

We are a team and trying to test different tools for work, and the Dolphin Anty certainly did not stand aside. We tested it ourselves and recommended it to our students as well. We are happy with everything, Dolphin Anty fulfills its tasks, is convenient and functional. Highly recommend!)

A couple of months ago, we saw a new Dolphin Anty and immediately noticed it. Since many worked on MacBook m1, they were looking for a new solution and Dolphin just came up for the new Macs. The first thing that catches the eye is the convenience + speed of work. We wrote to the guys what we need to modify and what features to add, and within a month, all our proposals were created and embedded. Now Macs owners have completely switched to Dolphin, very convenient: tabs, a choice of proxies, tags, you can keep 15 profiles open, and the computer does not lag👍

The browser is just a rocket! I tested it on open beta, it seemed like it was ok, but nothing better than others. And now just the best users friend! The speed of opening profiles and the browser itself is almost instantaneous. Using an old generation anti detect browser we need to go out for a smoke, and by the time we returned, we can start. Common bookmarks and extensions for all profiles are a truly incredible discovery for our buyers! Now it hurts to remember how we worked without this functionality. And of course, I would like to mention the proxy manager, which saves a lot of time on adding and changing proxies compared to other antidetect browsers. I was also delighted that you are the only anti detect that has not a local, but a web API. In general, a huge respect for you for another high-quality product. We planned to take it just for a test, and after two days of use, we decided that we would completely move to your browser



Dolphin's anti detect browser has already passed the test of time and secured a leading position. Our partners actively work with this service and give positive feedback, even though the product is still in beta testing. Good design, stability of work, and free access to Dolphin Anty make it truly one of the market leaders!



The Dolphin service has created an excellent browser that outperforms many other antidetect browsers on the market in terms of functionality. Convenient and intuitive interface, real fingerprints of browser profiles and, most importantly, the ability to work with browsers in command. Very cool, we recommend this browser for work

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